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Unsecured Short Term Loan for Small Business

Unsecured Short Term Loan

Unsecured Short Term Loan for Small Business 

Short-term business loans are also known as short-term commercial loans, and they can provide funding to business holders. Whether you need to fulfill the gap in your cash flow, handle an emergency, or want to take advantage of an opportunity, these loans can give you effortless and quick access to financing.

Short-term financing can come in various forms, such as an installment loan, line of credit, and invoice factoring. The repayment terms for these loans are usually 12 months or less, but they can also extend to three years. Moreover, these also depend on the requirement of your business.

Small business loans require collateral, including real estate, equipment, assets, or the savings of the business owners. But, if you don’t ache the collateral to show for the loan or don’t want to put your asset at risk, then there is no option for you to get small business loans.

However, there are Unsecured Short Term Loans for Small businesses. These insecure loans can be challenging to qualify for and carry higher interest rates than secured loans. If you don’t know much about these loans, then this piece of writing will elaborate on them.

What is Unsecured Short Term Loans for Small Business?

If you want a business loan without offering security, an insecure business loan is the best option. Because these loans are a great funding option for your business, they don’t require you to put your important asset or save on risk. Companies that would not prefer to offer security and need quick cash should choose these loans.

There are various banks and various lenders that offer unsecured loans, and you can tell the lender about your requirement.

Business Loans without Security

If you consider taking a loan, you should have security in the first place. But if you don’t have an asset, you will need to get a loan without protection, which is Unsecured Short Term Loan for Small Business.

These days, more and more companies are based on intangible assets – for example, if you are a software company, you may have a rented office and not so much else in terms of essential support. That is the ground where unsecured business loans come in.

Unsecured Business Loans: Considerations

The primary consideration of these loans are as follows;

  • No asset required – more accessible type of finance.
  • Consistently quicker and easier – no need for valuation, and the legal process is more straightforward.
  • The upfront cost is lower or sometimes not required at all.
  • The overall cost is usually higher because the lender has a higher risk.

Purpose of Using Unsecured Business Loans

So, you might be thinking about when you can use these loans. So, here are a few of the purposes for which you can use these loans;

The application process is generally more straightforward and usually quicker than a conventional business loan.

Thus, you can use these loans for;

  • Business growth
  • Cash flow boost
  • One-off cost
  • Premises expenses

The Lending Criteria for Unsecured Short Term Business Loans

Different businesses can easily apply for these loans, including limited companies, partnerships, and sole traders. But, the criteria for eligibility may vary according to the lender. Guarantees may require, and you will have to meet the lender’s minimum annual turnover specification.

Benefits of having Unsecured Business Loans

Suppose your company has enough financial goodwill in a strong credit score, and you can easily bear the higher interest rates. In that case, the following are the main benefits of obtaining an Unsecured Short Term Business Loan for Small Business.

The first and the most apparent advantage is that you don’t have to show or give your collateral to the lender. Usually, the lender wants to borrow to put up valuable items like vehicles, real estate, or intangible assets like business trademarks and investment portfolios to secure the loan. Without the need to put these items at risk of seizing by the lending company, You won’t lose any of them if something goes wrong.

Although, the lender can seize items if they are in the personal guarantee. It simply means that every lender must sign to obtain an unsecured business loan.

Unsecured business loans usually require less or no paperwork. It skips the appraisal process for any collateral, and thus, the process is a lot quicker than the conventional loan.

Unsecured business loans are also discharged if your company goes bankrupt, which is not the case in secured business loans.

Risk Associated with Unsecured Business Loans

While there are a lot of benefits of unsecured business loans, there are also significant caveats that you should keep in mind before giving an application for these loans. So, let’s discuss it.

Banks depend on the owners’ business or personal credit score to determine whether they are willing to offer you any loan, the high-risk nature of these unsecured loans, the bar is set much higher. While there is no minimum credit score you need for a short-term loan like this, a low credit score tells the lender that you may have a more challenging time paying the loan back to them.

Moreover, an insecure business loan may not be the right option for you as it comes with higher interest rates.

If your company needs many funds, you are likely to get as much as you need through these unsecured loans, which only offer more small amounts. And there is no collateral to back the loan.

Thus, you should keep and review the application before applying for unsecured business loans.

A Quick Wrap Up!

As I have mentioned above, you can get these loans from various sources, but it would be best to ask for professionals’ help. BitX Funding is one of the well-established companies that offer these loans. Moreover, you can also get the advice and suggestions of our financial advisors, who listen to you and suggest the best loan that suits your requirements.


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