Smart Business Startup Loans

Startup Loans

Whether you run a small business or a startup, you will need funding to cover the expenses of your business. But online lenders and banks often don’t qualify those borrowers easily because they think it comes with significant risk. Although, there are some options and companies available that help you in preparing these loans. A […]

Start-Up Business Loans With No Income

Start-Up Business Loans With No Income| BitX Blog

As we come out of an unprecedented pandemic, new and current business owners are looking to expand. The time is ripe to start a new business and launch yourself into the future with the economy booming again. However, a consistent hurdle for new businesses is a lack of income to get past the first two […]

Personal Loans for Career Shifts in 2022

Personal Term Loans

After two years of a debilitating pandemic and unpredictable industry shifts, 2022 leaves many of us uncertain. Where many had stable, predictable jobs before, most individuals work from home or with limited working conditions. Many are turning to career shifts that balance our needs in light of the dynamic workplace environments COVID-19 forced on us. […]

Best Small Business Startup Loans 2022

Small Business Startup Loans

Best Small Business Startup Loans, 2022 Whenever we think of taking a loan, the first place that comes to our mind is the bank. Because we consider this option as one of the best options, as there is no risk of anything, and this is a legal process. Bankers take your documentation and guarantee that […]

High-Risk Small Business Startup Loans of 2022

Business Startup Loans

High-Risk Small Business Startup Loans of 2022 There are various reasons why business lenders classify your funding or loan request as high-risk Business Startup Loans. The most obvious is a bad credit score, but they consider some other things essential. No matter the reason, a ‘high risk’ label can be problematic when you want approval […]

How to Get Small Business Startup Loans?

How to Get Small Business Startup Loans

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a new business? Do you need access to liquidity for working capital, to purchase inventory, rent, or to make payroll? This blog will show two ways to get small business startup loans fast. No need to wait 90 days for the SBA or your local bank to turn […]