Equipment Loans for Startups

Equipment Loans for Startups

What is an Equipment Loan?            An equipment loan is a business loan that provides a cash amount to buy new or used Equipment. This Equipment can be heavy machinery, any vehicle, or technology. You can pay back these loans with interest after some time. If you are looking for the best equipment loan for a […]

Equipment Loans for Startup Business

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What is a Startup Business? The term startup is often used for businesses under a year old where their revenue is uncertain, or under $100K, and they cannot run their company for the long term without a cash infusion. Since they are at the stage where their finances are not strong and secure, startup business […]

Cannabis Equipment Loans

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If you are a business owner in the rapidly expanding cannabis market, you may run into unexpected costs from time to time. Of these, the most significant is equipment. Growing cannabis is highly labor-intensive and requires tons of different hardware, tools, and machinery to yield a finished product.  Purchasing all this gear can be challenging […]

Bad Credit Equipment Financing

Heavy Equipment Financing for Bad Credit, BitX Funding Small Business Loans

Heavy Equipment Loans For Bad Credit Equipment financing is a method in which a business owner takes out loans to fund the purchase of large-scale equipment. Certain industries are more reliant on equipment than others. Thus, defining your goals and expectations is vital before pursuing an equipment loan. Heavy equipment loans can be critical if […]