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SBA LOAN FACTS: Small Business Loans For Women Owned Businesses

Small Business Loans For Women

Small Business Loans for Women:

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Thrive


The landscape of small business loans for women has witnessed remarkable growth, with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reporting an 18 percent increase in loans for female entrepreneurs in fiscal 2023. In fact, the SBA achieved a record-breaking year, providing $23.6 billion in loans, marking a significant 23 percent surge compared to 2022. As women-owned businesses, particularly those offering professional and consulting services, require less capital investment, the SBA predicts a rising trend in lending to women business owners and increased demand for small business loans across diverse sectors.

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Expanding Opportunities for Women in Small Business Financing:

For women seeking small-business financing, SBA loans offer a highly advantageous option, given their affordability. With over 9 million women-owned businesses employing nearly 8 million workers in the U.S., women entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economy. Under the SBA’s widely sought-after 7(a) program, loans of up to $150,000 are guaranteed up to 85 percent, while loans exceeding $150,000 receive a 75 percent guarantee. These loans feature low APR, currently ranging from 5.5 percent to 6 percent. Additionally, the SBA provides real estate and equipment loans, veteran business loans, and microloans facilitated through nonprofit community-based organizations, offering a maximum of $50,000 over a six-year term.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Beyond Financing:

The SBA’s commitment to women entrepreneurs extends beyond financing. The Office of Women’s Business Ownership operates nationwide education centers, catering to the non-financial needs of women business owners. Through this support network, women can access resources to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The SBA’s website provides valuable information on how to start, grow, and manage a women-owned business successfully. Their comprehensive business guide offers a wealth of resources, including information on marketing, government contracting, and certification programs tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Navigating the SBA Loan Application Process:

While SBA 7a loans offer considerable benefits, they present a formidable challenge to secure. The SBA imposes a comprehensive set of application requirements, primarily focusing on credit history and the financial health of small businesses. This can pose difficulties, particularly for women with less favorable credit scores, averaging 689 compared to their male counterparts at 699, according to a recent Experian study. To improve their chances of obtaining small-business financing, women entrepreneurs should diligently address their credit and financial records. Todd Rowe, CEO of BitX Funding, advises women to manage existing debt wisely and strive to pay it off promptly.

Exploring Alternatives for Small-Business Financing:

Although SBA loans may be challenging to obtain, women small-business owners have multiple alternatives at their disposal. Applying for SBA loans is encouraged, but it’s prudent to have backup plans in place. Akalp of CorpNet advises women to pursue SBA loans while simultaneously exploring alternative options. BitX Funding, for instance, offers small business loans where lenders compete for your business, though the APR may be higher compared to SBA rates. BitX Funding provides viable loan options to empower women entrepreneurs in building stronger small businesses.


The SBA’s commitment to women entrepreneurs goes beyond financing, offering educational resources and support through its nationwide network. These resources provide valuable guidance on marketing, government contracting, and certification programs tailored for women. By leveraging these tools, women-owned businesses can enhance their growth and success. BitX Funding, as an alternative financing source, empowers women entrepreneurs with viable loan options to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Contact BitX Funding to explore available opportunities.

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