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Fast Way To Get $50K In Equipment Financing

Get $50K In Equipment Financing

Purchasing equipment is one of the most common causes small business owners ask for external financing. You can get everything from medical equipment and computers for your office to heavy machinery for the manufacturing unit without paying the total price upfront.

A Short Write-Up of Equipment Financing 

Whether you are a start-up or a small business, an emerging or an established firm, you have to purchase equipment. The reason behind this is to meet your business requirements. To fulfill this need, you might need a large amount of capital.

Suppose you are a small business or a big company and looking to buy new equipment or renew your existing inventory. In this case, you should consider the benefits of equipment financing, as it can be the best way to meet your equipment-buying needs.

How does Equipment Finance help startups or small businesses?

Equipment finance is quite common for those companies that strive hard to source conventional funding. Therefore, this alternative is an excellent choice, particularly for small businesses and start-up companies. 

It is now reasonable to think that you can have the equipment needed to function without paying the total price at one time. Apart from this, most lenders will support you with purchasing equipment for as little as $5,000. 

 It is worth it that equipment finance can sometimes work out more affordable than other traditional means of Funding.

How to Qualify for Equipment Financing?

Any firm that utilizes equipment can reasonably make use of equipment financing. It includes everything such as transportation, workstations, and machinery used by the business.

Qualifying for equipment financing is a different subject. Equipment loans serve to be a comparatively conventional type of financial product. In most cases, you’ll need to have good credit of above 600.

This means that you should be able to display the capability to pay off your equipment loans or lease. 

You’ll also need to choose the best equipment financier, which means you have to pick a lender that funds the type of equipment your business needs.

Although every lender has specific terms, here’s the standard pricing most lenders demand:

  • Business must have been at least one(1) year old
  • Have a minimum credit score of 600
  • The annual revenue of your business should be $100,000+

You can still pass for the small business equipment financing loans or lease if you don’t fall under the requirements that different lenders have different terms and services.

How to get $50K in Equipment Financing?

There are various alternatives when seeking equipment funding solutions, from conventional banks to regular national and online lenders. The best option is to look for an online lender like BitX Funding because they are a marketplace for small business loans.

Moreover, they have a broad shelf of banks to alternative lenders. They can be the right option for equipment financing, as they’re experienced and have already helped thousands of small businesses in need of loans.

Their support can help you achieve your dreams if your company has the potential to grow and develop.

View the following criteria when deciding on an online lender:

The Reputation of the Lender: The lender’s track record must prove them to be trustworthy. Check out the reviews on BitX Funding by its valuable customers.

APR and Fees: The best lenders have competing interest rates with lower charges. At BitX Funding, the standard APR is 12%, so your $10K piece of equipment will cost you $11,957.15, with a monthly payment of $332.14.

Repayment Terms: Before you sign the contract with your lenders, go through it and check how payments add up and how long is the repayment cycle. You’ll go with the one that has the terms that fit your business and concerns.

Equipment Funding Pricing: Different lenders have different pricing rates dependent on the lender, but typically a 7% interest over a 3-year (or 36-month) term is charged.

How Much Money can be borrowed?

BitX Funding allows you to get a minimum of $5k and a maximum of $5M! So, for example, if you need finance of $50k and are eligible for getting loans by qualifying for it, you will be sent the required amount within 24 hours.

If you choose BitX Funding, you can receive money as fast as 24 hours after qualifying for it. We believe in fast cash delivery without withholding payment issues and other formalities.

Check out our financing services here.


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