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What’s the Difference Between Secured & Unsecured Loans?

What's the Difference Between Secured & Unsecured Loans?

An unsecured business loan is a loan to a business without collateral. Secured small business loans are loans made with something used as collateral for the lender to recoup their losses if the business defaults. Here are a few differences between secured and unsecured loans.


Secured — Collateral is a must. Typically, it is something of value equal to the loan amount. It acts as insurance for the lender, as they can acquire your collateral should you default on the loan.

Unsecured — These business loans are without any security from the borrower other than their credit rating and the company’s financial strength. A lender would judge their ability and history of repaying debt.


Secured — Because secured loans are less risky for banks, they often offer lower interest rates than other loan types. They are also typically longer-term loans than unsecured loans. The amount of the loans will vary based on the amount of collateral available but can be very high.

Unsecured — Unsecured loans rarely exceed $50,000 and are short-term financing streams. They are available only as second-level funding and are often to established companies. In most cases, a company needs to be in business for at least two years and show earnings of $100,000 or more years for unsecured loans.


Secured — These are far easier to obtain than unsecured. They are more readily available simply because they pose less risk to the lender.

Unsecured — These are for established companies, not startups, and credit must be tremendous and business financials strong for this loan type.

What’s the Difference Between Secured & Unsecured Loans? Ultimately, secured loans offer the best interest rates and terms and are easier to get approval for than unsecured loans. But depending on the status of your business, you may want to consider an unsecured to help you through the rough patch.

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