Small Business Insurance Plans

A small business insurance plan is something that is important for all growing business owners to obtain, effectively protecting yourself, your property, and your income against any unexpected events around you. Typically, these plans are used to cover damages caused by anything from various accidents, lawsuits, and even natural disasters that could damage your property.

Business Insurance works the same as personal insurance. It protects your business from legal and financial claims in case of any lawsuit, disaster, or accident. There are different types of business insurance available for the companies, but the insurance which is best for you entirely depends on your business type.

Business Insurance is a necessity that guards your income and assets. Having business insurance will eliminate the risk of any harm from your business. Moreover, it won’t stem the market dangers of having your own business. Thus, it safeguards your business against damage.

Now a question arises that what does this business insurance cover? So, here is a summary of insurance and what it covers.

At BitX Funding, we understand that you may want your business to continue growing, and your initial small business insurance plan may not be adequate anymore. We offer various options to fit all your needs, whether you plan on growing or staying small and focused!

Disability Insurance        

  • It covers all the expenses of the person after injury or illness.

Commercial Property Insurance

  • Any robbery or theft-related property manage.

Key Person Insurance

  • It covers the income from the owner’s death.

Unemployment Insurance

  • It makes sure to support a person when they lose their job.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • It covers the termination of the employees.

General Liability Insurance

  • It covers a loss caused by your company to any other company or client.

Professional Liability Insurance

  • It safeguards any financial loss that your company faces due to negligence.

Product Liability Insurance

  • It covers manufacturing and designing faults in the company’s products.

Workers Compensation

  • It covers the claims that can result from work-related issues.

These are the top small business insurances that every business should purchase.

In short, running a small business comes with unknown risks, and to eliminate them, it is a wise decision to buy a business insurance plan. It is challenging to find a company that offers business insurance plans with full coverage. BitX Funding is one of the top financial companies that provide general liability plans and wins customers’ trust by covering their losses.

For more information on the small business insurance plans we offer at BitX Funding, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you find the coverage you need for your business!