How to get SBA Loans

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How to get SBA Loans? It’s 2021, the beginning of a new decade, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are blowing the world with new business ideas and plunge to change the business world. But what if you have the guts to rule the business world but not money or stockpiled your business, and it is stuck in… Read more »

The Paycheck Protection Program

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The Paycheck Protection Program Second Round: How to Apply A Quick Recap of the First Draw of PPP Loan The unwelcomed outbreak of covid-19 has painfully hit the small businesses, dragging them on the page of financial fragility, layoffs, and complete closure of the business. In response to the myriad miseries caused by Covid-19, the… Read more »

Paycheck Protection Program

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The Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security (CARES) Act’s Paycheck Protection Program has made loans available to the small businesses, as part of the $2 trillion aid package unveiled in the Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security, $349 billion was explicitly allotted to the Payment Protection Program (PPP). The purpose of the Paycheck Protection Program… Read more »

Short-Term Business Loans

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Short-Term Business Loans What are short-term business loans? In short-term business loans, businesses can borrow a set amount of money based on the cash flow that they must repay, with interest, at regular intervals. Short-term financing is designed to repay much more quickly than other types of loans, often within 3 to 15 months. Short-term… Read more »

Mid-Term Business Loans

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How to Get Mid-Term Business Loans? Opportunities often arise, and you must start your business expansion. Still, as a small business owner, you do not always have enough capital at the right time to fund your business projects. You are in a tough spot; luckily, BitX Funding has diverse solutions for financing your business. Business… Read more »

Line of Credit

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Line of Credit / BitX Funding Are you a small business owner looking for a business line of credit to grow your business and take on new opportunities? Do you have customers that slow pay you and your accounts receivables are paid 30/60/90 days? If you have significant AR Aging and would like to tap… Read more »

Mid-Term Business Loan

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Fast Ways to Get a Mid-Term Business Loan   Mid-Term business loans allow you to borrow funds from BitX Funding to assist your business growth. The best part of Mid-term loans is it can be repaid in monthly installments to avoid any hassle. The repayment duration usually lasts from one to five years. What is… Read more »

Paycheck Protection Program Loans

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Paycheck Protection Program Loans Available Through Coronavirus Stimulus Bill We got a knack at this; the coronavirus outbreak has made businesses nearly eschew as the persistent conditions were not favorable and compelled companies to land for a disastrous turn. But as we are acquainted with a famous proverb; all well when the end is well…. Read more »

Mid-Term Business Loan

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The Complete Guide to Getting a Mid-Term Business Loan What is Medium-Term Loan? Medium-term loans are offered by Banks and lenders like BitX Funding for business. The requester must accept payback agreement terms from the lender before getting the loan. The lender provides an easy installments option with a fixed interest which varies from lender… Read more »