Inventory Funding for Amazon Reseller

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How to Get Inventory Funding for Amazon Reseller?

Amazon is one of the biggest virtual online stores in the world. It has the reputation that from needle to Airplane you will get everything here. This is the biggest retailer online store as well. People sell their products as well on Amazon. Currently, it is the hub of over 1 hundred thousand retailers are selling their products through Amazon. This means that now you do not need any physical office or showroom to sell your product. You just need to get your business registered with Amazon and start selling.

Now when it comes to selling on Amazon you still need some funding for the start-up. For this, you will require some financial aid as well to make your own product and then fulfill the orders that you get from Amazon. Here we are going to discuss 5 simple ways form which you can get funding for selling your product on Amazon.

1. Small Business Loan

Every startup needs a little financial push. Even if you are selling on Amazon you guys need some funding to manufacture your product and then sell it on Amazon. For this purpose, you can apply for a small business loan. This loan is designed to aid small business and they come with average interest rates but easier to obtain than an SBA 7a loan. Through this loan, you can start your production and meet all the deadlines of your orders that you get on Amazon. This works just like a regular SBA 7a business loan but the annual interest rate in the small business loans is higher.

2. SBA 7a Loans

This is another way from which you guys can apply for a loan to aid your business. This business loan type is like a small business loan but in this small business, the SBA or government is involved. It is an administrative authority that acts as the symbol of validity on the behalf of the borrower. Unlike a small business loan, the SBA loans have a long procedure but even less interest rate than Small business loans. SBA 7a loan’s current interest rate is 6% with 10 to 20-year terms which are extremely attractive.

3. Quick Merchant Cash Advance

Usually, this is a kind of loan that lenders give to only established businesses but due to the increasing demand for online shopping, they also give it to those who sell on Amazon. In this loan, you will pay the borrowed amount with a percentage of every sale.

4. Personal Term Loan for Business

This is another way to get funding to sell on Amazon. This is a technique in which you get a personal loan on your personal account and then use the borrowed money to sell products on Amazon. Usually, this loan requires a guarantee in the shape of property or your personal assets and has a higher annual interest rate opposite to small business loans.

5. Inventory Line of credit

This is another way you can get funding for the Amazon business. You must apply for this specific type of loan, and it will work like a line of credit based on the value of your inventory. You can get access to unlimited funding to grow your business vs. Amazon loans are capped at $1 million.

So, these are the 5 simple ways through which you can get quick funding for selling on Amazon.

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