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If you are a business owner in the rapidly expanding cannabis market, you may run into unexpected costs from time to time. Of these, the most significant is equipment.

Growing cannabis is highly labor-intensive and requires tons of different hardware, tools, and machinery to yield a finished product. 

Purchasing all this gear can be challenging and may not be covered in your working capital. Cannabis equipment loans are an excellent route for financing the purchase of high-priced equipment for your cannabis enterprise.


Cannabis Equipment Loan Benefits

There are many benefits to acquiring a cannabis equipment loan from a lender. The lending party will float you the capital needed to cover 100 percent of the product expense.

Once you purchase this product, it is yours to own so long as you continue to make timely payments. If owning is impractical for your specific situation, equipment financing also gives you the flexibility to lease gear. 

Another benefit of Equipment loans is that they are self-secured. This means that the physical asset itself serves as the collateral to back the loan amount. 

Equipment financing also provides some very competitive rates. Let’s take a closer look at what equipment you could specifically use this type of loan to finance. 


Cannabis Equipment Loans for Outdoor Grow Equipment

When it comes to growing and cultivating cannabis, there are two main distinctions. Grow operations can be held either indoors or outdoors.

The two produce a different type of product, and your equipment needs will vary based on which method you choose.

Outdoor grow operations are cheaper to run, easier to operate, and they produce an overall greater volume.


Here’s all the equipment for outdoor grows that can be funded with equipment loans:


  • Seeds
  • Pots
  • Soil
  • PH and PPM testers


Outdoor growing is relatively inexpensive when comparing it to growing indoors. But the costs do add up rather quickly if you are running a large-scale enterprise. 


Financing Indoor Grow Equipment

Indoor growing is much more expensive than outdoor growing as it requires about twice as much equipment. Outdoor grows also yield lower volumes of cannabis. But indoor growing also has many advantages associated with it. The vast majority of experts would say that indoor growing is the superior method. 


Quality vs Quantity 

With indoor growing, what you sacrifice in quantity, you make up in quality. The quality of the yield in terms of taste, appearance, and THC density is leagues above that of an outdoor grow.

This is due to the fact that indoor grows do not rely upon the favor of mother nature. You can control every aspect of the environment, including temperature and humidity, in order to provide conditions that maximize the potency of the crop.

 Be aware that you must pay for a great deal of additional gear to run a successful indoor operation. For an indoor grow operation, you will need all of the gear previously discussed in addition to some others.


Use cannabis equipment loans to finance the following products:


  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Filters
  • Grow Tents


Cannabis Equipment Loans for Concentrates

Concentrates are an increasingly popular item for cannabis customers. Concentrates are crafted by extracting the THC or CBD from the plant and turning this into an oil or wax-like substance. This substance can be put into a variety of products such as gummies or vaporizers. But the process of pulling these molecules from the plant requires advanced machinery. 


Types of Cannabis Equipment & Machinery

This machinery is immensely expensive, but the profits can be exceptional.


You can use cannabis equipment loans to finance the purchase of the following machinery:


  • CO2 closed-loop extraction system
  • Rotary evaporator 
  • Butane extractor
  • Oil Presses
  • Filtration screens


Don’t let the high costs of acquiring concentrate extraction equipment scare you. Although it is a hefty investment, these machines are incredibly efficient, and within a short amount of time, they will pay for themselves.

Besides, if you finance the purchase, then that money doesn’t even have to come from your pocket.


How to Qualify for a Cannabis Equipment Loan

Qualifying for an equipment loan is a relatively simple process. As a marijuana business, traditional lenders like banks or credit unions aren’t going to be an option, so you must turn to an alternative lender to receive the loan.

Alternative lenders give you the advantage of procuring your funds quickly as they are not restricted to the timely protocols and prolonged application process of traditional lenders.

This will allow you to get the capital needed to cover your equipment needs within a matter of days. 

As long as your credit history is in good shape, you can quickly qualify. The equipment itself will provide the collateral. If you don’t have good credit, you will still be able to qualify for an equipment loan; however, some additional collateral may be required on your end. 


To maximize your chances of qualifying, make sure you meet these 3 specific criteria:


  • Your business must have existed for longer than one year.
  • You must have a credit score higher than 630.
  • Your total annual revenue must be greater than 100 thousand. 


Get Funding Now with BitX Funding

BitX Funding is the premier source for connecting cannabis business owners with the ideal equipment loans. We will do everything we can to get you the best financing option fully catered to your specific marijuana business needs.

Bitx is well-versed in cannabis financing, and we will get you an equipment loan to fund the purchase of seeds, soil, lights, fans, and whatever other equipment you require. 

We offer a very competitive Annual APR with rates as low as 8%. We will supply you with the capital to cover the total cost of your equipment purchase, and you will receive those funds within two days.

Our experienced loan specialists are standing by to walk you through the best financing options for your cannabis enterprise.


Call us at 800-824-2407 or email us at, or fill out the short form below to start the process!


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