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BitX Funding Connecting Clients with the Right Lender and Right Loan!

The world is changing quickly, presenting exciting opportunities and new challenges to overcome. With the Covid epidemic and rapid technological advances, small businesses are increasingly shifting their focus to digital marketing and an online presence. Now more than ever, small businesses have a unique opportunity to compete with larger corporations and thrive with sufficient resources. That’s where BitX Funding makes the difference. We are your online marketplace for small business loans with over twenty years of experience helping small business owners succeed.

Traditional lenders see each business as a number and calculate their options based on the benefit to the lender themselves. Not BitX Funding. We know that small business owners drive the economy and are an essential part of the communities they serve. Small business owners are passionate people dedicated to their craft. Challenges and setbacks occur while financial opportunities arise, and we know small businesses need working capital in days, not months. That’s why BitX Funding teams up with small businesses to find them the lenders they need. We don’t see numbers; we see purposeful people. Our application process is transparent and takes less than twenty-four hours to get you on track to financial success.


The Origins of BitX Funding

In 2014, Todd Rowe, founder of BitX Funding, decided to embark on a new adventure and begin bolstering small business owners in Connecticut by connecting them with secure lenders for businesses. Todd saw a glaring problem after working with more traditional, and therefore financially conservative, lending companies. Many of the most promising companies applying for loans were denied immediately and without consideration. The conventional lenders saw numbers and paperwork, not individuals, and rejected or lengthened proposals that didn’t meet their stringent criteria.

Thus, BitX Funding was born. We are an online marketplace where small business owners can get the working capital they need to compete with larger corporations and thrive. By working with local businesses within the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, we began helping the community prosper. We started to grow outside Fairfield through consistent effort and working with a growing base of trusted lenders. Eventually, we entered the tri-state area until we finally started servicing businesses from all over the United States.


We Are the Loan-Lending Leaders of Today

With a focus on people first and building great businesses second, BitX Funding is the one-stop shop for small business owners seeking capital. Our goal is not to secure the most money for us but to get you the best loan options available to ensure you succeed in your endeavors. We know small business owners are not just essential to the economy. They drive the economy. That’s why we offer equal opportunities to all business owners, regardless of their size, background, or amount to borrow.

It’s possible to secure loans within twenty-four hours with our online program. All small business owners need to do is fill out the necessary data on our straightforward application. This includes the amount to borrow, the time frame for the loan, and how long they’ve been in business. The amounts can vary from $5,000 to $500,000, time frames from a few months to several years. Variety in the type, degree, and amount of each loan makes finding the best option challenging. Additionally, experience with the ins and outs of lending makes BitX Funding a valuable resource for anything loan-related.

In fact, we don’t believe that anyone should be in the dark about their financial options. Because BitX Funding doesn’t receive a commission from applicants themselves but from the lenders, there are no ulterior motives to assisting small business owners except to help their businesses thrive. That’s why we believe in complete transparency. Our mission is to help small enterprises to become their best and do their best. To do your best requires knowledge, experience, and necessary assistance. We assist applicants with financial resources and helpful, detailed articles to keep small business owners informed about the best options available.


Blazing the Trail for Tomorrow

BitX Funding has not only been successful in the last decade. We have also laid down the financial bridge for many small businesses to do the same. That is our purpose and the greatest gift we can offer. In recent years BitX Funding has established a robust financial marketplace of 25,000 active prospects, grown a customer base of over 200 clients, and has teamed together with a growing base of lenders willing to help small businesses succeed.  With over $50 million in support of small businesses nationwide, we’ve helped countless companies thrive. Additionally, we’ve streamlined our website to make us the one-stop-shop for lending. Our digital marketplace has the resources you need to succeed and a straightforward application and immediate assistance for any questions you may have.

But it is not enough. Our goal is to offer the same opportunities for small businesses worldwide that we are servicing nationwide. With more lending than ever based on systems that calculate numbers instead of seeing people, empowering those who get needlessly rejected from more traditional lenders is crucial. As Todd Rowe, the founder, says: “Don’t look at the black and white — there is color, and let me show you the color.

BitX Funding promises to see the color between the black and white and secure capital for those who need it most. We are taking our opportunities to the next level, securing venture capitalists and private equity to scale BitX into a world-class market platform. By accessing new markets, reaching new communities, and most importantly, getting to know passionate small business owners, we will blaze the trail to helping entrepreneurs succeed.


BitX Funding is the Online Marketplace for You

With a growing base of trusted lenders and a streamlined website for immediate assistance, BitX Funding is genuinely the best option for small business owners who want to make a difference. We value honesty and transparency. That’s why our blog offers informative articles about every type of loan available, the best options available, and the cost-benefit analysis of choosing suitable loans. We don’t loan money ourselves and therefore don’t have any reason to maneuver clients to make the most profit. Instead, we find reliable lenders who, like us, want to see you succeed.

But the main difference between BitX Funding and more traditional lending options is that we care. We see small business owners for the people they are and the passion they bring. We know that nothing is free, and visions require capital to see through. That’s why we are here to make sure you have the opportunity to succeed and the resources to meet that success. If you’re interested in efficient, transparent, and practical loan options, contact BitX Funding today!

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Written by Creative Copywriter Michael C Davies at Labate Marketing in Westport, CT

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