How to Get a Mid-Term Business Loan

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How to Get A Mid-Term Business Loan

How to Get a Mid-Term Business Loan What is a Medium-Term Loan? Medium-term loans are business loans offered by banks and BitX Funding. They typically offer fixed interest rates and flexible payback terms that last between one and five years. Depending on the loan, you typically have the option to repay in monthly or bi-monthly installments with… Read more »

How to Get Small Business Startup Loans?

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How to Get Small Business Startup Loans

How to Get Small Business Startup Loans?   Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a new business? Do you need access to liquidity for working capital, to purchase inventory, rent, or make payroll? This blog will show you two ways on how to get small business startup loans fast. No need to wait 90… Read more »

Business Loans to Reopen Your Business

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Loans to Reopen Your Business

Business Loans to Reopen Your Business We are beginning to reopen our doors for business now that we are on the backside of the COVID-19 curve. Bringing our employees back to work is critical to the economy. We can’t count on the government forever because soon the programs such as Paycheck Protection Program and EIDL… Read more »

How To Apply For Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

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Paycheck Protection Program

PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM (PPP) INFORMATION SHEET BitX Funding is committed to supporting small business through the COVID-19 outbreak and helping them through a very stressful time, BitX receive calls from small businesses with W2’s, 1099 and sole proprietors confused on where to begin. BitX platform and customer service are here to make a frictionless process… Read more »

5 Steps to Perfecting Your Business Credit

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Building Business Credit

5 Steps To Perfecting Your Business Credit The Paydex score or business credit is a system that Dun and Bradstreet instituted as a measure of creditworthiness for businesses. It is very similar to the FICO credit scoring system that is used to track consumer credit. Whether your small business is new and has not yet… Read more »