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Social media is like an addiction. Even a single site like “Facebook” took our hours of sharing things with people we are not familiar with.

However, as time goes by, we are more opt for these new presented sites with more options.

Well, it’s a waste because your single mistake can ruin your image on social media. Although its a boon but with that social media is also a curse.

There is no doubt that social media is a good thing.

Only when it’s not terrible.

Check out the examples below to learn more about the pitfalls many renowned men fall into.

Here is the example of KitchenAid. He thought he logged into a personal account but it was his business account.ooopps!

KitchenAid made a tasteless joke on the deceased grandmother of U.S former president Barak Obama. During the presidential debate, the tweet came:

“Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! She died 3 days b4 he became president.”

Although the tweet was deleted within minutes, the damage to the company was done.

1. Don’t trust everyone easily on social media

There are some 1.15 Billion registered users on Facebook, 500 million Twitter, 150 million of Instagram and 70 million of Pinterest. While the number of users is not an indicator of who is right and who’s not. But whom to trust and not to trust is not an easy way. A lot of scammers communicate with their victims for months and try to gain their trust. Be careful. There is no denying the fact that lost of people get scammed on social media without their knowing of it. So easy way is to not share your personal information with anyone you have never met in a person.

2. Racial slurs on social media

Racial differences and slurs are 100% wrong if that person is in your office or in your friend list on facebook or twitter account. No doubt social media is a perfect place to share your opinions and views but only when it does not hurt someone’s emotions and social association.

3. Post a picture without permission

 Off-course there is outlaw photo theft on social media and no credit goes to anyone for an image.

That’s obviously wrong.

If you want to share any photo of any organization or any person, get permission first.

Tagging an embarrassing photo is like “kick-me” stop doing this to avoid embarrassment.

4. The fake social media accounts

A regular user may create fake accounts and have their chat on their own way but a celebrity or a company cannot. Chick-fil-A is unknown to it at all. The company didn’t say against an anti-gay campaign across facebook. It was alleged that the company set up a fake account. Naturally, the secret account didn’t remain secret for long.

5. Nothing dies

In the age of social media, everything you share, you can’t get it back. Within a minute your image or personality be ruined. There is no ‘taking it back” even if you have deleted it within a minute. Before you decide to post anything, ask yourself, “Do I want this to be online forever”? If your inner says “no”, don’t hit the post.

6. Be consistent, don’t over do it

Using Facebook is a good thing to keep in touch with social happenings but doesn’t mean posting too much without a balance. A recent Facebook study revealed that posting too much and frequently would lose connection with your total audience and posting more than once in a day would become an annoyance.

7. False statements about a celebrity

You should avoid using social media as a tool for revenge. You are getting clicks, no doubt but at the same time, you are losing others trust on you.

Maybe you don’t feel guilty in your life but may be charged under the law. And I am sure you don’t want to end up in the wrong place.

8. Keep your political views limited

 Maybe you don’t like Trump or Clinton. These are the topics that charm your dinner gossips with friends and family. But such gossips on social media posts rarely stimulate conversation among adults. Save your energy for games and your politics for a better purpose. Take an example of Tim Thomas of Boston. He used Facebook as a political signboard to share his views on the White House, much of his team’s dismay.

9. Don’t share your finance

 Surely you don’t want your bank account to be hacked without your knowing it. And after all your knowledge, it was hacked from your Facebook post. Never use your credit card number, or you talk about your financing. No one knows who will use it.

Over 74% adults using social media. Its an effective tool to reach and get interaction with people. Like Facebook was launched in 2004 and after that it grew like mushrooms. Same is the case with Twitter, watsapp, and linkedin. Some use it for business. So never do these silly mistakes on social media.

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