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Are Small Business Loans based on Personal Credit?

Small Business Loans

There are different requirements for receiving a small business loan, and your personal credit plays a big part. Most people have questions in their minds regarding this. Similarly, people also ask that they can get a loan with their credit. We will answer this before moving forward. Let’s briefly explain what a small business loan is.

Understanding Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans refer to a group of loans and financial products that a bank or a lender provides to small business owners.

It encompasses products like business lines of credit, merchant cash advances, startup loans, equipment financing, and business term loans. BitX Funding helps and gives you a complete understanding of these loans.

Obtaining a Small Business Loans

Small business decisions depend on the business’s creditworthiness, and you can determine them with different factors. For instance, revenue, time in the industry, and credit score. And when we talk about startup loans, they are based on the personal credit history of the business holder.

How does Personal Credit affect the approval of the loan?

When getting a small business loan, Personal credit may impact the approval of the loan. However, the magnitude of your personal credit also depends on other factors. Some of these factors are;

  • The amount of the loan.
  • Business repayment history.
  • Business capacity to repay the loan.
  • Economic conditions.
  • The type of loan, lender, and collateral.
  • Structure of your business.

The abovementioned factors are the most essential yet fundamental factors that the lender uses to determine before lending you the money.

If these factors show and satisfy the lender, you can repay them on time. And it is not risky to lend you the money; your credit score is not essential. On the other hand, a personal credit score becomes critical if you don’t score well in these factors.

Nevertheless, if your credit doesn’t stop you from obtaining and getting approval. It can make your small business loan more expensive. There is always room for improvement in your credit score, and the experts of BitX Funding will help you achieve your loan goals.

How to Boost your Personal Credit?

  • You should know different categories and their percentages to determine your credit score. These categories are the length of the credit, payment history, credit mix, and new credit. Thus, you can calculate your credit and, in this way, improve your credit score.
  • Most people don’t know the importance of payment history, which is an essential part of your credit. So, if you pay your debts on time and the whole. Then there are more chances to get approval for your small business loan.
  • In addition, this will open ways to merchant cash advances, business lines of credit, and equipment financing. Therefore, you should stay committed to paying your debts on time. Automatically, it will improve your credit score.
  • Another important thing is finding an error and eliminating it from your credit report. If you find errors, you can remove them by following the steps.
  • Gather all the essential documents and write an application disputing the error.
  • Send this application and all the necessary documents to the credit bureau.
  • Contact the lender and ask him for further details to solve the problem.

These steps are essential and help you get Small Business Loans based on Personal Credit. So, the best way to get a loan with your credit is to make payments on time, keep your balance low, educate yourself, and have a piece of complete knowledge about the loan.

The more you know about these loans, the more you will see in your credit.


When we talk about how personal credit can affect your small business, what about the other side? Does taking out a small business loan impact your credit? The answer is pretty simple.

It all depends on the financial situation of your business. If you guarantee a business loan, then it will influence your credit. Hence, many business credit providers don’t contact the credit bureau. But they will surely do that if you miss a payment.

But, if you are still confused about it, BitX Funding is here to help. We are a financial company with experts. Who tells you about the significant and minor details of getting a loan with personal credit?

If you are going through different errors and problems, we help you solve them to get the required amount of money. Moreover, we also offer different types of loans. Including equipment financing, business lines of credit, and short and long-term business loans, to help you start a business. We will help you improve your credit score to get money for your startup or small business. We listen to your concerns and suggest the best loan that can help you grow your business.


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